Drop-in Center

Aish Tamid Teen Drop-In Center: A Haven for Teens to Thrive

Aish Tamid’s Teen Drop-In Center has been utilized by hundreds of teens in the LA community since it opened in November of 2008. The Drop-In Center is a place for teens 15-19 years old to come hang out, relax, and enjoy a variety of different recreational activities in a safe and healthy environment. It provides teens with a place to be and helps get them off the streets. It is a place where there is no criticism, no judgment, and no disapproval.

Nurturing Teens with Support, Guidance, and Fun!

At Aish Tamid, every teenager, regardless of circumstances, feels an atmosphere of safety, security, and unconditional love. While here, one can take advantage of open and accepting staff who are equipped to discuss the relentless challenges that teens face today. A career counselor and spiritual mentors/rabbeim are also available. Or simply, one can take advantages of a game of pool, ping pong, foosball, XBOX 360, Board Games, and sporting events. A free dinner is served every night as well.

The Drop In Center is opened Monday-Thursday 8PM-10PM. It is open for 15-19 year old boys ONLY! For any further questions regarding this program please contact our office 323-634-0505 ext 204 or email us at info@aishtamid.org.