Career Services

Career Guidance / Job & Internship Placements

The Aish Tamid Career Center has been very successful in matching up hundreds of students with new internship and employment opportunities.

While the Aish Tamid Student and Community Career Fair is our main job placement event of the year, we still continue to work overtime during other parts of the year to help place students in either long-term or short-term jobs of their choice.

Most often, the task of finding “the perfect job” for a student begins way before the first employer interview.

The Aish Tamid Career Center will schedule a convenient time for a student to come and meet with a Career Counselor in order to identify specific skills and talents which the student may posses and how to best use those skills and talents to obtain a great job. Some of the jobs may be long-term employment jobs or career positions and others may be entry-level positions which allow a young adult an opportunity to gradually enter the workforce and slowly accumulate experience.

Cover letter assistance, resume customization, interviewing and networking skills and other strategic employment tips are provided to each student, as well as realistic timeframes for interviews and callbacks to occur so that the student understands the complete process and timeline for getting a real job.

After years of cultivation amongst hundreds of employers who have previously hired Aish Tamid students, we have developed a strong set of professional partners and affiliates who assist us in our efforts and who provide year-round employment opportunities for many of our students. Legal assistants, residential and commercial mortgage banking, property management, construction, nursing home administration, catering, insurance brokerage, etc. are some of the many jobs which Aish Tamid has successfully placed students.

Some positions are unpaid internships, some are paid on an hourly basis and others may be paid either by salary or/and commission. Some positions are “desk jobs” and other positions are “out in the field” or “on the road.”

There is no such thing as a generic, “cookie-cutter job” that is good for everyone. There are hundreds and hundreds of available jobs which each require a different set of skills, talents and education level.

The Aish Tamid Career Center offers job and internship placement services free of charge to all student participants and, when necessary, to their families.

Aish Tamid continues to work hard on behalf of our students and families to assist them in finding engaging employment opportunities.

If you would like to get more information on our Job and Internship Placement services or on our Career Center, please call the Aish Tamid office.

“Community Connections” Student & Employer Workshops

The Aish Tamid “Community Connections” Student & Employer Workshop Series has been a tremendous success for post-high school young adults and other new entrepreneurs who desire a unique opportunity to meet with a professional mentor, in a specific area of industry, who is ready, willing and able to share his/her tips, ideas and “real-time’ perspective on “what hot” and “whats not” in their industry or area of practice.

Often, many of us see successful professionals across a room or in a large setting and only wish that we could get a few precious private moments alone or in a private group to network, share ideas conduct and establish a new relationship. Often, our biggest fear is approaching the professional and just saying “Hello!”

At the “Community Connections” Student & Employer Workshop Series each employer has been hand-selected and has volunteered his/her time in order to make a difference in the professional career of a young adult.

Workforce Skills & Training Workshops

Aish Tamid was created to close the service gap for disenfranchised Orthodox Jewish youth in Los Angeles. Addressing the needs of youth destined for poverty level jobs due to lack of sufficient education and employment in a supportive, individualized manner is one of the central focuses of the organization

The Aish Tamid Workforce Skills and Training Workshops are designed to provide student participants with a comprehensive set of transferable and essential workforce skills.

Within the adolescent population, only 60 percent of high school students go to college and more than a third are back home before the end of their Freshman year.

Only half of those who start ever graduate.

According to the Bureau of Labor, more than 25 percent of college graduates were unable to get a job that required a degree. This statistic is even higher for disenfranchised Orthodox Jewish youth.

With a lack of focus, a lack of academic skills and a lack of financial planning, many are destined to fail. The student career workshops promotes the functional skills or the marketable skills today’s jobs and employers require.

Subject to funding and student interest, the following workshops will be offered thru the year:

Resume and Cover-letter Writing Skills
Interviewing Skills
Job Search Skills and Network Building
Understanding of Work Culture
“Dress for Success”
Team Work

Introductory Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Outlook
Introductory Word & Corel Word Perfect
Introductory Excel
Introductory Powerpoint

(including but not limited to)
Work Ethics
Communication/Diversity in the Workplace
Conflict Management
Industry Organization
Character Development/Self Esteem
Team Building
Customer Service
Cultural Sensitivity Training
Customer Service
Business Plan/Marketing
Career guidance


When appropriate, Aish Tamid will offer job skills assessment examinations which will allow participants to discover their aptitudes and abilities within employment settings.

Long term career attainment is stressed.

To date, The Aish Tamid Workforce Skills and Training Workshops have served hundreds of Orthodox Jewish youth located within Los Angeles.

When resources, space and funding permit, Aish Tamid is happy to open workshop classes up to families of students and to other members of the public who wish to attend the workshops.