About Us

A Decade Devoted to Youth Empowerment and Community Connection

Aish Tamid of Los Angeles has been active for the past decade, focusing on helping teens and young adults find themselves, reconnect with our community, and become productive members of society. Combining a dynamic in-reach program with a therapeutic environment at our facility, Aish Tamid is available for immediate assistance when necessary. Specializing in crisis intervention, case management, and emergency response, we establish bonds of support and trust with youth & parents alike. Our one-on-one approach serves to help the individual at risk, as well as offering support to concerned parents.

We are available to the community night and day providing the following:

• Crisis Intervention
• Active Outreach
• Evaluations and Therapy Referrals
• Substance Abuse Counseling
• Parental Support
• Hotline for Parents and Teens
• Post-High School and Yeshiva Placement
• Nightly Drop-In Center Including Dinner
• Partnership with L.A. Jewish Rehab Programs
• One-on-One Torah Learning
• GED/CHSPE Preparation
• Job Placement

How It All Started

Aish Tamid began in late 2001 when a phone call for inspiration was made by a student in Los Angeles to Avi Leibovic, a Jewish Attorney and Founder of Aish Tamid.

The words of that telephone call still ring out today…

“I’m dying spiritually here in Los Angeles….Since I came back from my year in Israel, I stopped putting on tefillan…I am unsure why I still keep shabbos…I am tempted daily to stop keeping kosher and I am at the point that I almost don’t even care anymore if I stay religious or not….You are the only person that I feel comfortable to learn and talk with… If we don’t get together and talk all this our soon – fast – I may be finished for good with Judaism…You can write me off…”

Immediately after that passionate cry for inspiration, an intimate study group was set up with the student and another friend in the back of a local synagogue in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

Within a week, another four (4) friends joined the group. Soon, another few more friends came to learn, talk and share. Slowly and by word of mouth, even more students from all over the city started coming…

Who would have imagined? Who would have dreamed that within a few years a rotation of over five hundred different students, from all of Los Angeles’ different schools and communities, would be actively engaged and attending inspirational classes, workshops and/or one-on-one life-coaching discussions.

This program has come to be known amongst the Los Angeles students as Aish Tamid of Los Angeles – the Perpetual Fire of Los Angeles.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Aish Tamid of Los Angeles is to provide a wide array of innovative programs, services and resources which have been specifically designed to provide individual and family solutions commonly associated with “At-Risk” behavior.

To this end, Aish Tamid of Los Angeles will initiate structured and inspirational support programs for Jewish teenagers, young adults and their families who have been identified as “at-risk” of losing touch with themselves, their families, their community and their faith.

By establishing a non-judgmental and warm environment, Aish Tamid of Los Angeles will engage, motivate and inspire all participants to overcome external and internal obstacles which have prevented and/or hindered them from succeeding academically, socially, professionally and religiously. Programs and services will be designed to enhance the individual skills and abilities of each participant and provide opportunities for natural talents to thrive and flourish in a conducive and positive environment.

Each of the professional staff members and motivational role-model mentors will have the requisite education, training and/or experience to work with participants in identifying their goals and aspirations, as well as realistic timeframes for reaching short-term and long-term goals.

Ultimately, the mission of Aish Tamid of Los Angeles is to provide each participant with the necessary skills and tools to enable them build and maintain a loving home and family, live a healthy lifestyle, make responsible life decisions and be an active and contributing member of the Los Angeles Jewish Community and to the Jewish people, as a whole.