Welcome to the Jewish Community Educational Resource Center. This is a resource center dedicated to helping students to achieve their educational goals in a variety of nontraditional methods.  We are not a college, do not grant degrees, and do not affiliate with any one institution.  Our vocational counselors assist students in choosing a career/occupational path and then our educational planner designs an educational plan based on the degree requirements of one of many institutions from which the students wishes to get his/her degree and based on his/her long term goals.  Students have a number of options for earning credit depending on what degree option they choose, if and where they wish to go to graduate school and what occupation they wish to prepare for.  Our student coordinator assists students with the enrollment process, navigating their online classes, answering questions, and proctoring exams.  Students can also use the center as a place to study and share knowledge with other students who are taking the same or similar classes.


Most of our students choose this approach to their college education for one of three reasons.  They may wish to limit the time they need to spend in a college classroom, they may want to accelerate the degree process and/or they may want the flexibility of taking classes whenever they want wherever they are.  Our students also have many degree options available to them so they can be more marketable in the workplace.  Unlike traditional college programs, our students start with an occupational goal and then begin to take classes they will need to meet that goal.  This prevents them from spending time and money on classes they do not need.  In addition, our students our encouraged to take classes in ways that will give them the skills they need to get into and do well in graduate school and to succeed in the work world.  A detailed, individualized learning plan is created for each student, packaging courses selected from a broad range of on-line educational options combined specifically to meet the student’s goals and personal requirements as efficiently and time- and cost-effectively as possible.


For further information, please contact Erica Sommer at 323-634-0505 or erica@AishTamid.org