Aish Tamid Parent Support Group

*Currently, a new support group is in formation. Please call our office to reserve a spot and for more information.

It is very frustrating to be dealing with a child who may be using forms of drugs and/or alcohol or is displaying unhealthy negative behavior. Many times parents are unsure of what steps they should take and sometimes, with pure intentions, make counterproductive decisions.


The Aish Tamid Parent Support Group is a wonderful and local resource for parental support.

parent support group


The Aish Tamid Parent Support Group is a unique opportunity for parents of teens and young adults to discuss relevant family issues, access our parent resource library and find peer support amongst other parents of young boys in similar situations. The forum is facilitated by a professional therapist in a confidential setting.

It is held every Wednesday night at 9:00 PM.

Regarding the Aish Tamid Parent Support Group, an Aish Tamid parent says: “I wish to express my gratitude to all those involved in the weekly Parent Groupprogram. The challenges of raising teenagers can overwhelm at times. The Parent Group provides a safe and supportive forum in which to discuss parents’ feelings and search for solutions.”

Aish Tamid Parent Support Group has been attended by 30 different families and is making significant impact on the day-to-day family dynamics of each participating family.

If you need to get more information on this important program, please contact our office

323-634-0505 or email